The Friends of Cinema Society was established in 1991 as a non-profit organization by a group of persons who loved cinema, at a time when there were a few cinema theatres in Cyprus, due to the predominance of the video. The Friends of Cinema Society took over from two cinema clubs operating in the capital during the previous decade, renewing their mission to the Cypriot cinephile by offering quality, a selection of alternative films far from the narrow confines of commercial, Hollywood cinema.

Since its establishment, the Friends of Cinema Society has regular screenings. With tributes to directors and schools of cinema, as well as screenings of films sealed always with artistic quality, it continues to be a unique means of education and initiation for the cinephile of Cyprus in the art of cinema. It was the Friends of Cinema which brought the spectators of Cyprus in contact with the cinema of countries, such as China, Iran or Japan. Together with various other festivals (European, Francophone, Spanish, German language), films awarded at international film festivals are screened in Cyprus and all modern trends of world cinema are also presented.

Managing Committee:

President: Yiannis Xenofontos

Vice-President: Vassilis Moschos

Secretary: Anastasia Taki

Treasurer: Giorgos Douros

Member: Giorgos Athanasiou